On Saturn's Wings

by Ocean in a Bottle


‘On Saturn’s Wings’ is the new album from Andy N aka Ocean in a Bottle carrying on with his epic journeys across Space and our Solar System itself.

Positioned as the 6th planet in our solar system, apart from its rings which make it the most beautiful planet in our system, five other interesting facts include:

1 .Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System. ...
2. Saturn is a flattened ball. ...
3. The first astronomers thought the rings were moons. ...
4. Saturn has only been visited 4 times by spacecraft. ...
5. Saturn has 62 moons.

‘On Saturns Wings’ contains two long, epic ambient drones spinning into a more spiralling, freer form and carries its drones across an imaginary journey between beauty and a paradox of what it is seen and what is not seen.

Album can be streamed / downloaded for FREE from persistentvegetativestaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/on-saturns-wings


released August 3, 2019



Ocean in a bottle Manchester, UK

Ocean in a bottle is a new piano / ambient project from Manchester (UK)based Andy N.

Previously best known for his poetry, noise art with DIH and A Means to an End, this is a new stripped down project with the aim to record at least a single or a ep each month as a piano / ambient led diary swapping the words for sound.
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